Budget Crisis Task Force Examines Illinois’ Debt Woes

The mounting debt piling up at the state and local levels threatens to prolong the nation’s economic problems and delay recovery.

The recently-formed State Budget Crisis Task Force looked at the debt woes of six state, including Illinois, and found the growing list of pension and other debt obligations is overtaking those states’ finances and is a major threat to their stability.

Here is a link to that report:



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One response to “Budget Crisis Task Force Examines Illinois’ Debt Woes

  1. How is it that last year I.D.O.T Employees received a 4% raise on July 1st 2011,and another 1-2% raise this past January 1st 2012.Yet The GOVERNOR Stated back in May that current retirees Will-Not Be affected by Pension Reforms!!Raises were given out anyway,back in 1975-1976,Governor Dan-Walker froze all raises for 2 years,why hasn’t Quinn taken action he has only been in office for 4-years??? How do you not freeze raises for other Local unions when you froze raises for ACSFME union members.

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