Statewide update—July 15, 2011


Chicago TribuneDefeated Democrats do well under Quinn, “Seals joined a host of other Democratic castaways who’ve landed on the state payroll after losing bids for Congress and the General Assembly. Friends and family of Democrats with clout also have found themselves with paid appointments to state panels. Hiring the connected is not new. But for Quinn, embracing legal political patronage contrasts with his long-running message of populist reform that attacks the way insiders do the people’s business.”

  • Bloomington Pantagraph (AP)Prosecutors: Blagojevich not fulfilling bond terms, “Prosecutors want a judge to order Rod Blagojevich to appear in court to sign what they contend is overdue paperwork allowing the ousted governor to remain free while awaiting sentencing.”
  • Chicago Sun-TimesBloomberg grant to help ‘re-invent’ Chicago city government, “Mayor Rahm Emanuel likes to talk about ‘re-inventing” city government, making it more efficient and reducing the ‘time-in-line’ it takes residents to access basic services. Now, he’ll have $6 million worth of foundation grants to help deliver on that promise over the next three years, courtesy of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”
  • State Journal-RegisterOpinion: Cameron Miller unlucky in life, no better in death, “This is where budget cuts in Illinois come down to human terms. Department of Human Services spokesman Mike Claffey said the state’s funeral and burial program previously paid for 12,000 funerals and burials a year (more than half of them in Cook County) for people who were on public assistance when they died. It needed $12 million annually. The new budget says it now gets $1.9 million annually.”

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