Statewide update—July 8, 2011


Chicago Sun-TimesUnion asks arbitrator to decide if Quinn can cancel raises, “A major state employee union asked an arbitrator Thursday to decide whether Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn can cancel scheduled raises for thousands of workers. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees sought the ruling after Quinn announced last week he was ditching the $75 million in raises for 30,00 workers to help deal with the state’s budget crisis.”

  • Chicago TribuneQuinn revamps board of troubled college tuition program, “Quinn named five new appointees — half of the 10-member board of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission — following the financial developments that shook confidence in the College Illinois program and worried parents who want to make sure their children’s tuition bills will be paid. Investors are pressing for changes in the program, which now is under review by the state auditor general.”
  • Belleville News-DemocratDeal made for IDNR manager to resign, still collect pension, “A state ethics commission has recommended the firing of Scott Flood, a politically connected regional manager for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, because he slept on the job and violated other policies. But, rather than firing him, IDNR has allowed Flood to resign, effective July 15, so he could become vested in the State Employees Retirement System and can collect a pension when he’s old enough, according to state documents.”
  • News-GazetteEditorial: Pay hike pledge subject of dispute, “The biggest question, however, is why a state so deeply in debt and with such serious ongoing financial problems negotiated the pay raises to begin with. Illinois is effectively bankrupt, maintaining operations by not paying its bills in a timely fashion.”

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