Statewide update—July 5, 2011


Peoria Journal Star (AP)Quinn bars gun-permit disclosure, “Gov. Pat Quinn on Saturday signed into law a measure barring the public from knowing who holds a firearm owner identification card in Illinois. The bill, passed overwhelmingly by Illinois lawmakers in May, was a victory for gun owners who say they have a right to privacy over open-government advocates who say such records should not be secret.”

  • Chicago TribuneEditorial: Public pension rescues, “Public employee unions and their protectors in the Illinois Legislature share a theory about retirement benefits that boils down to this: Whatever pension scheme was in place on the first day of a worker’s career cannot be modified for the rest of that person’s life…But the more scrutiny this till-death-do-us-part view of pension benefits receives, the more unrealistic it appears: Tens of millions of Americans now face the very real prospect of delaying their own, pensionless retirements while they pay taxes for generous but imperiled public pensions.”
  • Bloomington PantagraphState prisons near capacity, “The union representing prison guards and other correctional staff is concerned that violence its officers experienced recently will be further fueled by overcrowding at prisons originally designed to hold far fewer inmates.”
  • State Journal-RegisterCongressional map puts farmland, Chicago in same district, “A new census-based political map drawn by the state’s Democratic-controlled Legislature, and signed into law by Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, has taken swaths of suburban and rural Illinois and added them to the districts of veteran Chicago Democrats such as U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who could be St. Anne’s next representative. The move was one of the boldest by the national political parties this year as they sought to benefit by changing political boundaries.”

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