Statewide update—June 3, 2011

Chicago Sun-TimesPrivatizing city recycling legal, but may not be wise: arbitrator, “Mayor Rahm Emanuel is legally free to privatize household recycling, but doing so would “stifle any realistic chance” to forge the partnership with organized labor needed to confront Chicago’s $1.2 billion-a-year structural deficit, an independent arbitrator has ruled.”

  • Peoria Journal StarEditorial: Las Vegas of the Midwest should not be the goal in Illinois, “Again, gambling is the easy yet desperate path here. It’s a substitute for genuine fiscal discipline that for too long has been lacking in Springfield, which is what led to this fiscal meltdown in the first place. If anyone thinks Illinois can sin its way to prosperity – through reliance on gambling and taxes on smoking, drinking, etc. – they’re delusional, looking to quick fixes rather than real ones.”
  • Chicago TribuneAfter heat from the prosecutor, Gov. Dead Meat is well-done, “For days, the lead federal prosecutor — Assistant U.S. Attorney Reid Schar — had been eyeing Blagojevich during direct testimony, standing up quietly during objections, usually when Blagojevich would go off on a tangent about how every decision he made was to help ‘the people.’







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