Statewide update—May 20, 2011


Chicago Sun-TimesProposal for Chicago casino gets boost from Emanuel and Quinn, “Emanuel’s push comes as the Legislature’s spring term faces an end-of-month adjournment deadline with a laundry list of major items still unresolved, including a budget, new legislative maps, and workers compensation and state pension reforms.”

  • State Journal-RegisterEditorial: Abide by ruling in FOIA case, “[T]he city of Springfield should abide by a ruling this week by Sangamon County Circuit Judge Patrick Kelley that complaints accusing public employees of wrongdoing are public records under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.”
  • The SouthernLuechtefeld: Cities won’t get zero, “Luechtefeld said lawmakers are working to overhaul state pensions and workers compensation in the new budget, and cities will see about the same amount of income tax revenues, although there will be no growth.”
  • Chicago TribuneEditorial: A map or a scorecard?, “Because they control both houses and the governor’s mansion, Democrats are free to rig the maps to their advantage, and they did. That means nice, safe districts for their incumbents, of course. It also means finding ways to target Republicans for extinction.”

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