Statewide update—May 16, 2011

The SouthernEditorial: Bring the budget out in the light, “As Andrew Thomason of Illinois Statehouse News reported, five appropriation committees in the Illinois House of Representatives moved to closed-door meetings to hash out the details of the state budget, especially cuts. Bring the budget into the light. Do the jobs you were elected to do and are paid to do. Do your work in public.”

  • (Gatehouse News Service) Peoria Journal StarIllinois House expected to consider pension changes this week, “Most state, university, and school employees and state lawmakers – but not judges — would have to pay more in order to keep their current pension benefits under legislation expected to move to the floor of the Illinois House this week. The bill would cap state contributions to employee pensions at a percentage of the employees’ salaries.”
  • State Journal RegisterMadigan puts pressure on interest groups for workers’ comp deal, “In a shot across the bow to bickering interest groups, Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, said he will back a bill that would kick workers’ compensation cases into the courts if the interest groups involved cannot reach a compromise on reforms to the system.”

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