Statewide update—May 13, 2011

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State Journal RegisterState employees will have to choose raises or jobs, lawmakers say, “State agency budgets up for approval in the Illinois House today do not include money for union pay raises scheduled to take effect in the next budget year… AFSCME agreed to defer some raises called for in its contract negotiated three years ago.”

  • The SouthernJuror alleges ‘irregularities’ in Thompson deliberations, “Thompson’s attorney, Thomas Mansfield, told associate Judge E. Dan Kimmel that a juror called Mansfield on Wednesday because of a guilty conscience about what happened in the jury room before Thompson was convicted of first-degree murder March 23 in the death of 34-year-old Orlando Lamont Clark.”
  • Chicago Sun-TimesEditorial: Education reform comes to Illinois, “The bill won’t transform failing schools and it won’t ensure that kids arrive at school ready to learn. But it will open the door toward improving the one thing schools can control: the quality of the teacher in every classroom. The bill will, finally, create a system that rewards and advances Illinois’ most talented teachers. This upends the current system, the maddening one where teachers too often are rewarded for showing up and sticking around, even if they’re sub-par.”
  • Daily HeraldIllinois House votes to cut education spending, “The budget is far from settled, however. Senate Democrats have their own ideas on how much to spend and where. So does Gov. Pat Quinn, although his budget proposal has found little support in the Legislature.”
  • Lake County JournalCounty townships hoping to escape chopping block, “Sensing the urgency with which state legislators may act to consolidate townships, or eliminate them altogether, the group moved to ramp up its efforts to tell its side of the story to the public…Gene Dawson of the Township Officials of Illinois organization told the gathering that the state group has begun work on a public relations campaign aimed at informing the public about what would be lost if townships go away.”

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  1. The Townships must have sent a memo around telling each other to get into the food distribution business. Hasn’t it occured to anyone that this “make work” task is simply duplicating the efforts of private charities at a much higher cost?

    And there are, of course the federal food stamp and WIC food programs.

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