Statewide update—May 6, 2011

State Journal RegisterProposed amendment would limit pension increases, “It would require that a public body – at both the state and local level – muster a three-fifths supermajority vote before pensions for its employees can be enhanced. ‘It’s very easy to vote for a bill that increases a pension benefit,’ said House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, the amendment’s sponsor.  ‘Everyone would be better served if there were a higher bar regarding pension bills.'”

  • Bloomington PantagraphTIF tax error in LeRoy puts focus on communication, “[T]ax increment financing money was mistakenly used for general fund expenses. Now, the cash-strapped city must find a way to distribute about $700,000 to the LeRoy Fire Department, LeRoy School District, Parkland Community College District, LeRoy Park District and Empire Township in the next seven years…There is no evidence of illegal activities, [City Administrator] Catalano said, but stopped short of saying the TIF funds were mismanaged.”
  • Daily HeraldEnd candidates’ hide-the-cash power grab, “It’s not too late to close the multiple-check loophole and the one that gives strongman status to the party powers. It didn’t take long for lawmakers to find new ways to game us and the finance system. How long will it take for those of us they’re supposed to be serving to demand an end to the trickery?”
  • The Herald NewsArguing takes over Wheatland [Township] meeting, “[M]ost of the residents in the room felt the board was rushing to a decision on a $1.5 million building proposed for property the township owns near Route 59 and 103rd Street.”
  • Chicago TribuneBurke would keep Finance Committee chairmanship under reorganization plan, “Asked about the reorganization, Emanuel’s transition staff issued a statement repeating its frequent refrain that the mayor-elect plans ‘to work with the City Council to reform government’ and will explain how he plans to make city government more efficient and accountable ‘very soon.'”
  • Peoria Journal StarGeography, no politics, hurt concealed carry, “The Illinois House on Thursday defeated a proposal to allow citizens to carry concealed w k epapons. And that decision hinged on regional differences – not partisan ones – with lawmakers from the Chicago suburbs holding the swing votes.”
  • Daily HeraldMedical marijuana fails to pass House, “The idea has been around Springfield for years, and recent support from House Republican Leader Tom Cross appeared to give the issue momentum. But a majority of lawmakers disagreed, voting 53-60 against the plan.”

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