Statewide update—April 15, 2011

Chicago Sun-TimesIllinois passes sprawling education reform bill, “A sprawling education-reform package that could lengthen the school year in Chicago, give school districts new powers to oust poorly performing teachers and impose new obstacles on teachers strikes passed the Senate Thursday without dissent.”

  • (AP) Bloomington PantagraphIllinois Senate rejects workers’ compensation changes, “A Republican plan to overhaul the Illinois workers’ compensation system has been rejected by the state Senate. The key disagreement was over whether workers should be required to prove their injuries are job-related before getting any compensation.”
  • Chicago Sun-TimesPesek resigns GOP after ties to gang member, drug dealer revealed, “A young, once rising figure in the Illinois Republican party has quit the committee that runs the state party after the Sun-Times revealed the man’s ties to an Outlaw motorcycle gang member and a convicted wholesale drug dealer.”
  • Chicago TribuneDaley refills city parking meter reserves, “Even with that bit of good financial news, the city expects to have only about $125 million left in that reserve fund at the end of this year, less than three years after it signed the 75-year lease that came with a one-time payment of $1.15 billion.”

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