Statewide update—April 12, 2011

Daily HeraldHouse panel rejects clearing Metra board, “A plan to remove all the Metra board members from their posts and strip away future members’ salaries, pensions and benefits was rejected by a House committee Monday. The plan, sponsored by Rep. Jack Franks, was filed in response to the misspending of former Metra CEO Phil Pagano, who committed suicide, as well as expenses made by board members that he called questionable.”

  • Peoria Journal StarLegislation to scrap workers comp system fans reform flames, “Efforts to reform the state’s much-criticized workers’ compensation system are heating up. While Gov. Pat Quinn wants an alternative that unions, trial lawyers, medical interests and business can agree on, other alternatives call for more drastic action.”
  • Chicago TribuneNew DuPage leader to form panel on pension abuses, “In one key area, the committee will focus on ‘pension spiking,’ where a special payout for accrued sick time, vacation days and other benefits is added to the employee’s final salary to determine the pension, Cronin said.”
  • (AP) Rockford Register StarReport outlines Illinois options on pension debt, “The report notes that Illinois has the worst underfunded pension system in the nation. The state’s unfunded pension liability was estimated at more than $79 billion last year.”

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