Statewide Update—Feb. 7, 2011

State Journal RegisterReform groups hope for more ethics legislation in Illinois , “Campaign finance limits went into effect at the beginning of the year in Illinois, but reform groups say the state still has work to do.”

(Gatehouse News Service) Southtown StarCan state borrow to pay off billions?, “Illinois lawmakers return to Springfield Tuesday for the first time in a month facing a key piece of business left over from January — borrowing $8.75 billion to immediately pay off the state’s backlogged bills.”

Peoria Journal StarState turns to eminent domain, “IDOT can secure property rights early on in an eminent domain case so that construction on a public project is not delayed.”

State Journal RegisterSimon limits campaign contributors, says no lunches from lobbyists, “In her first official act Thursday, Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon instituted an officewide ban on receiving campaign contributions from certain state employees and free lunches from lobbyists.”

Peoria Journal StarRecorded documents go online in Peoria County, “There is a $125 one-time cost for a “master key” to access the information and then a $50 monthly fee with a signed contract.”


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