Statewide Update—Dec. 22, 2010

  • Chicago Sun-Times—Cook County watchdogs warn: Don’t hire relatives: Weeks after Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios drew criticism for putting his son and sister on the payroll, a report was sent out by two county watchdogs reminding of ethics rules against hiring kin.”
  • (AP) Southtown Star—Judge upholds Ryan conviction: “The appeals court could grant Ryan bail as he awaits their decision, but Thompson noted every decision has gone against Ryan so far.”
  • (AP) Bloomington Pantagraph—Census: Illinois loses 1 congressional seat: “While no one knows yet what the state’s congressional districts will look like, Illinois will definitely lose one U.S. House seat before the 2012 election.”
  • Bloomington Pantagraph—Budget for new political map: $3.4 million: “From special ‘war rooms’ to sophisticated mapmaking software, costs for the once-per-decade exercise will be split among the state’s four legislative leaders.”
  • Southtown Star—Tax levy inches up in District 230: “An average owner of a single-family residence living within Consolidated High School District 230 can expect to pay about $12 more in property taxes next year.”

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