Statewide Update—Dec. 16, 2010

  • Southtown Star—Meeks hopes vouchers plan can fix ‘broken’ schools: … unlike Meeks’ last voucher bill that foundered in the Legislature, the state senator’s new education plan would not limit vouchers to students in the lowest-scoring or most overcrowded schools. Instead, it would be open to both low- and middle-income parents citywide — an idea that could win him new voters.”
  • Chicago Sun-Times—Mayoral candidates grade schools very low: “Four top mayor candidates agreed Wednesday that Chicago Public Schools were broken. Asked to grade the system, two candidates gave it a ‘D.’ Two gave it a ‘C-minus.’
  • Daily Herald—No strikes? Tougher tenure? Lawmakers contemplating school reform“Beginning Thursday, hearings are being held on reforming some of the most controversial aspects of public schooling in Illinois.  Eliminating teachers’ right to strike is on the list. So is instituting tougher tenure requirements. And looking at performance evaluations alongside seniority when pink slips are being handed out come spring.”
  • Trib Local, Downers Grove—Downers Grove OKs 4.5% tax levy increase“The Downers Grove village council gave final approval to what will likely be a $36 average hike in yearly property bills during Tuesday’s council meeting, unanimously passing this year’s tax levy.”
  • State Journal-Register—Public policy meeting slated for Friday“Financial problems facing the state and potential solutions will be the topic of a public policy briefing, sponsored by the Citizens Club of Springfield, at the Hoogland Center for the Arts, 420 S. Sixth St.”
  • Daily Herald—Cary District 26 to reject bid for Maplewood site“For a district hoping to slim down by $4 million over the next three years, $1.8 million to $3 million could sure help. That’s how much Cary Elementary District 26 is hoping to get from selling the Maplewood.
  • Bloomington Pantagraph—State eager to help keep local auto plant going“State officials aren’t saying exactly what they would do to help keep a Japanese carmaker in Central Illinois, but Gov. Pat Quinn hasn’t been shy about doling out big-ticket incentives for other struggling automobile manufacturers.”
  • State Journal Register—Council could name new mayor Tuesday“Two current aldermen – Ward 1’s Frank Edwards and Ward 3’s Frank Kunz – both said Wednesday they are willing to serve out the remainder of Mayor Tim Davlin’s term.”

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