Orland Hills Village President Taps Son as Trustee

The BGA’s ears perked up when we learned of Orland Hill’s “all in the family” approach to filling vacancies on its village board. Turns out the village president, Kyle Hastings, had someone in mind to fill an empty seat—his son, Kyle Hastings II.

In response to the hiring, the BGA released the following statement, which appeared in part in this piece by the Southtown Star.


Orland Hills Village President Kyle Hastings (Photo/www.elect-linzeyjones.com)

When public officials hire family members and friends for positions in lieu of engaging in a public and transparent hiring process, taxpayers can get shortchanged. Kyle Hastings II may, in fact, be the most qualified candidate. But given the family ties, taxpayers deserve to have certain questions answered regarding the merit of his appointment. What are the objective qualifications for the position of village board member, and does Hastings II possess them? Who helped assess qualifications of candidates? Were there other candidates considered? Especially in light of the fiscal strain small communities are facing, Orland Hills taxpayers deserve to know their tax dollars are being spent in a fair and transparent way.

BGA Executive Director Andy Shaw weighed in with the Chicago Tribune , and on WBBM radio this morning:

BGA on ‘BBM: “All in the Family” OK for TV reruns, not in Orland Hills — Nov. 5, 2010

What do you think? Let Hastings know. You can give him a call at 708-349-6865.


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One response to “Orland Hills Village President Taps Son as Trustee

  1. DL

    I can’t believe the nepotism play in Orland Hills – is that legal? What can be done about it? Can a citizen file suit against the township? Can Illinois not adopt legislation barring any form of nepotism for those in elected office?

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