Exit Poll: Was Illinois Prepared to Amend its Constitution?

On Tuesday, the Illinois Governor Recall Amendment passed by a margin of 2 to 1. Considering Illinois’ history of corruption-happy governors, it’s no surprise the amendment passed. But were voters prepared?

If yes, what was the best source of information?  If no, what should have been done to educate voters before hand? Leave your comments below.



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6 responses to “Exit Poll: Was Illinois Prepared to Amend its Constitution?

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  2. Harvey Kahler

    Just asking the question implies that recall is needed, biasing the on the spot decision for most voters.
    The precinct I worked had a 49% turnout of people who cared enough to come out. A decision could be made by just 25% of eligible voters and that doesn’t include unregistered or ineligible adults. Election should allow the person the office’s full length of term; and the public still is protected by impeachment provisions. Furthermore, elections are very costly.

    • Dennis

      What? Because someone is elected we should make sure they have their full term? The law isn’t Capricious in nature. Enough people knew what it was or cared enough to figure out that the people should have some options and not leave all the options in partisian politics. We need to have the option even if we never use it. As for turn-outs, I really don’t care if only 25% carry the day. Those that don’t vote have given up their rights voluntarily. They know the date and how to vote and they don’t. The rest of should not suffer because those people do not exercise their civic duty.

  3. Sarah

    People were NOT well prepared at all. No one anywhere that talked about the recall amendment mentioned anything about how it worked. In fact, it was barely mentioned that a recall amendment was on the ballot. Had I been Jane Average and not had all the connections I do, I would not even have been aware that it was going to be voted on.

  4. These are all great points. Continue the dialogue!

  5. Harvey Kahler

    Another issue is continuity for the prescribed term of office, in this case four years. Initiating a recall every time approval shifts does not seem warranted, regardless of how radical one governor may be from another or of voters’ remorse. This is true in close elections such as the most recent. Nor is it right for an opposition party to mount a recall effort with another possibly stronger candidate or with different campaigning that effectively shortens the constitutional term of office.

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